Scope of the survey & data privacy policy

The present survey is aimed to get information on the current status of teaching contents related to sustainable design. The scope of the survey is:
a) academic research and divulgation, where data will be presented in an aggregated form only
b) to inform the Design Society's Special Interest Group "Sustainable Design" and shape its future policies and priorities.
The survey is organized by the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy, which is responsible for data handling, in cooperation with other research institutions mentioned in the privacy information module.

The present survey is directed to University or tertiary education staff, such as professors, lecturers or assistants, who teach contents related to sustainable design as an independent subject or part of a larger program.
Sustainable design is here broadly intended as:
- design for sustainability, eco-design, design for the environment
- design for repair, recyclability, re-use, remanufacturing, circularity
- sustainability- or Circular Economy-related aspects in design and product development
- Transition Design, Design for Sustainability Transitions/Transformations
- consideration of sustainability-related, environmental, and social issues in the conceptualization and definition of systems

The estimated time of completion is 20-40 minutes to answer max 41 questions.

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