ENIGMA Project

Informed consent form

Dear Teacher,

We are inviting you to participate in a study. Please read this form carefully, and if you agree to participate, click to consent at the end. Thank you for your time!

Our main goal is to investigate teachers’ perspectives about the use of digital games in their classrooms. This study is being led by Dr Flavia H. Santos from University College Dublin, Ireland.

If you agree to participate in the study, you will be asked to answer seven questions regarding the use of digital games in the classroom. Then, you will be asked questions about your sociodemographic data (e.g., age, gender, years of teaching). It takes less than 10 minutes!

Data will be collected and stored anonymously. No identifiable information will be collected from you. All information collected will be used exclusively for research purposes.

You will not receive any financial compensation for participating in this research. However, your participation will enable us to gain a better understanding of the barriers to the implementation of digital games in the classroom.

The risks of participating are minimal. It is like talking to someone about digital games. Please note that you are free to change your mind and withdraw from the study at any time.

If you have additional concerns about the study, please feel free to email us at research.ethics@ucd.ie or info@enigmaproject.eu.

Question Title

* 1. Do you understand the information presented above and agree to participate?